Forms and Documents

All parents need to complete a Membership Application Form and one Prohibited Employment Declaration for each parent, and give it to the leader on the first or second night of attendance at 1st Willoughby Scouts Meetings. Note: This page links off to the membership forms hosted on the NSW Scouts website.

Membership Application Forms

Below is a link to the application form.  The same form is used for Joeys, Cubs and Scouts.

Youth Membership Application

Carers Information 2017

Information about Scouts and the Scout Group for carers of all new members.

Carers Information 2017

Prohibited Employment Declaration Form

M5 – Prohibited Employment Declaration

Membership Fees

An annual Membership Fee applies for each member which covers the year ending 31st March. A once-only Joining Fee is required for new members, plus the annual fee on a Pro Rata basis depending upon the calendar quarter of joining. See the form below for the Pro Rata fee table (last updated 22 May 2017).

Joeys, Cubs and Scouts Prorata Membership Fees – coming soon!

Hall Hiring Forms

P3 – Hire of Scout Premises Regular Use