100 Years Challenge – Preview

To celebrate the centenary of Scouting in Australia, 1st Willoughby and 1st Northbridge will celebrate by getting fit and doing a good-turn!

2008, marks the 100th anniversary of the Scouting movement in Australia. It has been 101 year since Baden Powell led the very first Scout Camp in Brownsea Island, off the Dorset coast of the UK. Since then, 1 August 1907 has been widely regarded as the official beginning of the now worldwide movement of Scouting. Australia was amongst one of the first countries to embrace this movement with Scouting commencing in Australia in 1908.

To celebrate this event, Venturers, Scouts, Cubs and Joeys, from the two groups will participate in a multifaceted fitness challenge called “ Train, Foot and Ferry”, for 100 hours, raising $100 individually from sponsorship to contribute to the local community. This event is designed to harness the scouting ideals of physically challenging the children whilst giving back to the community.

This event will take place over four days from 3rd to 6th October on the Great Northern Walk, Broken Bay Sport and Recreation Camp and Palm Beach.

The first two days will involve the Venturers and Scouts. They will catch a train to Cowan station, then hike from Cowan to Brooklyn, camping overnight along the way. Cubs will join on day two by catching a train to Brooklyn and meet the Scouts there. Scouts and Cubs will then catch the ferry and together they will hike to Broken Bay Sport and Recreation Camp. They will then stay at the camp for Saturday and Sunday night, participating in the activities at the camp and learning new skills. The Joeys with their families will meet up on the fourth day with the Venturers, Scouts, and Cubs for a family picnic and games day at Palm Beach.